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Monday, 13 June 2016 20:09


The implementation of any experiment described in these pages is the responsibility of those who perform it. An introductory training to the theory and the chemical laboratory is absolutely recommended. You need to take a course before attempting to do any of the experiments.

When using any substance or chemical reagent, remember to always read the warnings and the technical specifications to understand the hazards and the necessary precautions and, in your first trials, use only small quantities; this has always been adhered to carefully over the centuries. Always wear the appropriate protections. Be sure to inquire about the laws governing a laboratory and the use of chemicals in your region. It is crucial to accurately track the dates of any readings or discussions on the subject before embarking on experiments in a laboratory, either chemical or alchemical.

It is important to consult a doctor before taking what you have prepared, and do not arbitrarily replace or supplement therapies that are prescribed by your doctor. Children should never perform any of what is written here.

Any actions, substances, or tools suggested here must be managed by the reader and audience under their own advice, noting that any personal growth tools require listening to self, self-awareness and being responsible, particularly before using anything for one’s welfare or healing. Those who read this review, site, or forum will inevitably accept these warnings and all that they imply, freeing all responsibility of the writer, of all the columnists and the publisher.
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