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Thursday, 28 January 2016 17:05

Elias Artista - Paracelsus’ salts prophecy

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Paracelsus in  Harry Potter Paracelsus in Harry Potter
“The secret of Alchemy is this one: there is a way to affect matter and energy which is capable of creating what the the modern scientists would call Force Field. This field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position towards the universe. From this position he has access to all realities which are usually hidden by time and space, energy and matter. This is what we call The Great Work.”

Paracelsus dreamed of a new era and a new Europe where new salts would support a new way of life, where an alchemist dynasty would reign over every European country.
The true meaning of this dream, how it has come true into different planes and how it is still being realized in these theoretical and practical laboratory pages, will be shown in the course of our courses in Academia and workshops.

Alchemy is such a mysterious and little-known art that very few strangely realize that artificial or synthetic is not a futuristic or reductive term meaning unnatural or false, but is an alchemic word standing for something made of Ars Artis, that is crafted, by an Artist. An Alchemist.

And to be the Art of Arts, Alchemy must involve infinite possibilities, and so be far more than the mere hope of creating gold or living for centuries. If this concept is not understood, it means that the so-called quality of life does not dwell in the reader inspiracy any more and that every notion will hide the reader in himself as a new Tantalus.

On the contrary, one who understands the science which is art, will see how the salts Paracelsus talks about in his prophecy (able to change history and man), are now in our hands.

I want to say it clearly, point-blank, since these salts belong to humanity and we must show them one after the other in due time, according to a precise project of re-birth, but also when we will be asked during dedicated meetings and thanks to exeptional and knowledgeable experts.

Each of these salts heals and also gives inspiracy, a power if possible, a proof for certain. For this reason these salts will be shared carefully.

Our project is already in the future, a net of experiences and knowledges are intertwined in these pages for the benefit of a new era and those who will live it. It will be neither the end of the world nor the golden age but this experimental and relativistic life is already the future, a coming era without precedent, also made of vivid inspiration, irresistibile and necessary to overcome the hard challenges waiting for us.

By now everything has been published, we only need a reader.
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