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Thursday, 28 January 2016 17:05

What about nitrogeno

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The warp and the weft of the NITROGENO’s pages already intertwine the will of who realizes a common root in the different medicines, and of who is or considers himself an Alchemist. Since both are parts of the same myth which is not multidisciplinary or multi-ethnic but pansophystic as an alive myth.

Who lives the myth is a part of it, not only celebrates it, and is exaulted in his faculties by that plenitude. In other words, he who understands that being the real Proteus of this world in the making has no theories to turn to, but stands in the natural intuition quickly interacting with reality.

So, again. The secret of Alchemy is this one: there is a way to affect matter and energy which is capable of creating what the the modern scientists would call Force Field. This field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position towards the universe. From this position he has access to all realities which are usually hidden by time and space, energy and matter. This is what we call The “Great Work”.

The well-known surname Fulcanelli combines various minds such as Champagne, minimally De Lubicz, but above all Dujol and Canseliet, even if appointing first of all to Hilaire De Charbonnet.
For me and all the Alchemists “myth” does not have a cinematographic value, is not merely celebratory, but is that objective force field we mentioned before, therefore it is my own life revealing itself.

Knowing the multitude of information and the eternal hypnosis created by the mediatic “credibility” nowadays, it is clear how difficult it is to convey such a theme and how evidence is, in fact, a way to hide it.

He who cannot understand and is not meant to, cannot even listen.

Why do Alchemists talk this way? Because they have to re-veal, since in the human heart the joy of discovery is hidden, but most of all because the revelation of such a great gift can only ever be personal and interior.

We live, above all, in a continuous eureka allowing us to shine in that myth of foundation which can now only be ours and continually renews in everyone.

If I succedeed in showing you the sense of an actual tendence and of an enternal character, the kibernetes, I know you can undertand my intuition about how Alchemy can be the root of contemporary Europe, and how the past is ratified by the future we are living.

And so the prophecy about salia by Paracelsus acquires a deep but less romantic meaning than the one which allows us to rust in another, umpteenth prophecy. The time is ripe for a sufficient number of people to know how to create important remedies, work with matters and obtain energy without any expense, since in a few decades we will live in a totally different way and since this ability will be not only useful for us but also necessary. It is obviously pointless to resist the conditions established by the times we live and this applies to everyone, even those who are on the side of caution, producing and selling whatever.
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