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Thursday, 28 January 2016 17:05

Fairytales about Alchemy

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A lot of people share two main opinions about the Alchemists being just scholars dealing symbolically with Philosophy or, at the most, proto-Chemistry.

Or worse, being just poor fellows incoherently experimenting to no avail, who wonders, who knows what, under the effects of toxic smokes...

These assertions are so absurd and unuseful that we do not even consider them.

Well, these people do not know history, do not decipher its particulars, and have fallen asleep in that mean narration of those expected facts derived from the most common and ignorant mentality.

In all the alchemic textes a proof is contained. Only by reading them as a whole, from the beginning to the end and eventually more that one time, the keys contained will be internally unlocked for the reader.

If the reader wants to detach himself from the reading - as a “neutral observer” does - he would lose his power to be the “pure witness of everything”, that is the Heroe able to accept the innate mandate of creating consciously what he experiences with his own eye and will.

When capable of all this, the reader is then an Alchemist, otherwise he remains a chemist or just a curious man.

The truly religious man is not frustrated by his faith, the true seeker is not deverted by what he already knows and is not minimally proud of what he knows.

For centuries, the mass faith has slipped from religion to science. As you once listened to bishops and preachers to know The Truth once upon a time, nowadays you quote the latest research of the famous University of...

The search for The Truth eternally remains and will always remain different from the search for reality, since the first one invents an area, a target and a process while the second one cannot even be deferred, manipulated or dependent on anything, being compelled to follow what is, how it is, for what it is, rising, living, reintegrating and showing itself.

Who contemplates reality becomes it.
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