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Thursday, 28 January 2016 17:05

Who contemplates reality becomes it

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Only he who is ready knows what to seek, and how to find all he needs and only by seeing reality and penetrating the structure that gives it its shape, you can enter that place which was once called Eliopolis, or Memphis. But above all, if you want, you have access to your original and radical self.

Then the laboratory really begins in elaborating the desire in order to point it out, verify and implement it; and so here are the keys of reconversion necessary to the centrality of experience.

But in the most intimate point of experience we find the contemplation of reality, which is now totally interactive. During the meditation the whole reality is embraced and the memory of all this is its field.

From this you always get the necessary answers, since they become tangible reality in the laboratory.

Knowing that you do not know means to always learn from the silent, chaotic and blessed root of everything.

Moreover, if you have to ask you cannot know it, but if you know that you can know, just ask.
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