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The hidden Minotaur and The Quest for Me…

Interview with Luca Valerio Fabj - PsychopathologistLA - I want to start with the name of the magazine that you direct “The Minotaur”; I know that you’ve inherited the name...

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A permanent culture

About land food earth knowledge Navigare Necesse Est, Vivere Non Necesse We have to sail, we do not have to live, “Sailing is More Important than living” ancient latin motto Leonardo Anfolsi interviews Pietro Zucchetti Pietro...

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Video - Nitrogeno #3 presentation

Leonardo Anfolsi present third issue of Nitrogeno HOW THEY MADE GOLD: Alchemists were really able to produce gold. Here are their stories and those of modern scientific researchers who have obtained the...

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Philosophical Transactions

(Article published on Nitrogen #1 - BUY) To begin with Alchemy and Culture we should take a look at all those cultural organizations which made the difference in the cultural heritage...

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Bero A. Neumann

Bero A. Neumann

This is a recipe that Paracelsus had fun in sharing, hoping someone would understand the general idea hidden in it which was used by Glauber and Shultz to work wonders. A solvent of a very high-proof alcohol is used, but preferably with an alcohol of at least 95% and it is better if made from wine/grapes.

Otherwise, a good alternative might be an alcohol of high quality, the one used for fruit preserved in spirits.

The best choice is a wine alcohol distilled many times, and, possibly, aged as well as explained by Rupescissa, who also adds that a good wine of high-proof but not aged is also suitable.
You must use pure gold, for example, a little ingot or a piece of it, possibly 24-carat, or at least 22, and not a mixture as the one that is used to make bracelets or, worse, for dental use; this last one is NOT used for this purpose.

For the same reason, this process is NOT to be made with other metals, since they contain nickel, chromium, molybdenum, tin and so on in their alloy.

You heat a small pure-gold object on an iron stake with red heat. In the old days they used a 7-grams fiorino’s coin, but an ingot from 5 to 15 grams will also work, and soon after heating you put it into 2 liters of aquavit.

The coin is warmed up to fifty times making it red glowing and every time it is put into the spirit, obviously in a pot, so that you can easily remove the coin with a steel clamp, the one used in surgery and, nowadays, sometimes in the kitchen.

The Franciscan, in his chapter called “The real science to affix and put the Sun in our Sky”, explains this process very well reminding us that we might want to restore the alcohol content replacing it every time we throw the coin into the pot, by pouring a very little quantity high-proof alcohol for about 5-10 times. I would add that it is important to remember not to stay under the hot sun or with the heater on while you are working.

In addition to this, it is good to remember that the coin warmed up to the red heat can easily inflame the spirit, therefore the operation is to be made using a pyrex-glass or earthenware pot with a lid (not a metal one) which you must immediately cover as soon as you throw the coin or whatever in it.

The last important detail is that the iron stake must obviously not touch the alcohol.

After all this, and only after, Rupescissa recommends adding this preparation to its quintessence, which is water 10-times-distilled, allowing it to freely circulate using a tool which is a circulator composed by many “wings” (as the ones of the cherub who have six of them as six arms enfolding him), but also fitted with a beak from which you collect the distillate which, by now, shoud have a divine taste and smell and be kept well-tightened. Kind of “circulator” can work in the same way, it is just a matter of time.

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About tibetan alchemy

In the Siddha medicine, or in the Tibetan one, we can consider their pharmacopoea as alchemical, because of all those preparations that contain metals or other substances perfectioned trough the...

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Elias Artista - Paracelsus’ salts prophe…

“The secret of Alchemy is this one: there is a way to affect matter and energy which is capable of creating what the the modern scientists would call Force Field...

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The tincture of gold’s (apparently) easi…

This is a recipe that Paracelsus had fun in sharing, hoping someone would understand the general idea hidden in it which was used by Glauber and Shultz to work wonders...

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Esoteric foundations of chinese alchemy

Chapter: Daoism in the West - an excerpt from Daoist Alchemy in the West: The Esoteric Paradigms by Lee IrwinEarly European writings on Daoism such as Athanasius Kircher’s China Illustrata...

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